The UNY Robotics Team won six championships from seven divisions of the Indonesian Robot Contest 2023 Regional Level I. The 2023 Indonesian Robot Contest which was held at the University of Semarang consisted of seven divisions including the Indonesian Ash Robot Contest (KRAI), the Indonesian SAR Robot Contest (KRSRI) , Indonesian Dance Robot Contest (KRSTI), Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest (KRTMI), Indonesian Wheeled Football Robot Contest (KRSBI-B), Indonesian Humanoid Football Robot Contest (KRSBI-H) and Indonesian Underwater Robot Contest (KRBAI) . From 28 May 2023 to 3 July 2023 KRI Regional Level was carried out, which consisted of Region I and Region II.

The KRI Contingent Robotics Team, known as the UNY Robotics Team, entered Region I, which was held from 29 May to 31 May 2023 which was carried out online in the hall of the KPLT building, 3rd floor, FT UNY. Seven teams took part in KRI 2023 consisting of the Maestro-Evo (KRAi), Gareng Punk (KRSRI), Rosemery (KRSTI), Abhinaya (KRTMI), Mobo-Evo (KRSBI-B) and Al-'Aadiyaat (KRSBI-H) teams. ) and the Mavis Foundation (KRBAI).

The UNY Robotics Team can feel good news and happy smiles because they managed to win the KRI event at the Regional Level. Based on the results of the Regional Level I KRI championship results, the KRI team managed to win five 1st places and one 3rd place. The five teams that won 1st place included Maestro-Evo in the KRAi division, Rosemery in the KRSTI division, Mobo-Evo in the (KRSBI-B) division, Al-'Aadiyaat (KRSBI-H) and the Mavis Foundation (KRBAI). Meanwhile, the Abhinaya team in the KR1MI division won 3rd place. Of course, the success achieved by the UNY Robot Team is proof that UNY is a Superior, Creative, Innovative, Sustainable campus.

Furthermore, the UNY Robotics Team, the KRAi, KRSTI, KRTMI, KRSBI-Beroda, KRSBIHumanoid, and KRBAI divisions will compete in the 2023 National KRI which will be held offline at the University of Semarang on June 21 - June 26 2023. In accordance with the jargon "LET'S MAKE A GREAT HISTORY" let's make history for UNY at the 2023 National KRI event. The UNY Robotics Team is optimistic that for the National KRI event at the University of Semarang it is hoped that it can bring a good name to Yogyakarta State University of course with various prayers and support from all of the UNY academic community