PTEI S2 COLLEGE CAN BE TAKEN WITH RPL (Past Learning Recognition)

Faculty of Engineering UNY has held an Open Talk with the theme "Socialization of PTEI S2 Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University" on Monday, May 16 2022 for 2 Hours Face to Face (JTM) starting from 13.00 - 15.00 WIB online via the Zoom Meeting platform. This Open Talk was attended by more than 40 participants consisting of teachers, lecturers, students and the general public. The activity began with an opening by the MC (Master of Ceremony), followed by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya, and remarks by the Head of the PTEI S2 FT UNY Study Program (Dr. Ir. Fatchul Arifin, M.T.). After that, entering the main event, namely the presentation of the material delivered by Dr. Ir, Fatchul Arifin, M.T. with material about Getting to Know the Masters (S2) of PTEI FT UNY, Handaru Jati, Ph.D. with RPL material (Recognition of Past Learning) at PTEI S2 FT UNY, Dr. Ir. Drs. Eko Marpanaji, M.T. with material on the Dual Degree Program with the Professional Engineer Program, and moderated by Mahendra Astu Sanggha Pawitra.

The Open Talk activity "Socialization of PTEI S2 Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University" aims to inform about the Master study program in Electronics and Informatics Engineering Education as well as a new and interesting program namely RPL (Recognition of Past Learning). In connection with the PTEI FT UNY Masters currently taught by approximately 15 of the best lecturers. In this program, you can apply for Developing Countries Partnership Scholarships, Scholarships for Educational Fund Management Institutions, to Postgraduate Scholarships for UNY Cumlaude undergraduate graduates. The new Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) study program at PTEI S2 FT UNY has 2 types that can be used to continue formal education and recognition of equality with certain IQF level qualifications. Approximately 2,250 RPL quotas are provided for bachelor and master programs. Schedule of PMB RPL UNY activities for 2022 (S1 & S2) to be held on 13 May 2022 – 11 July 2022. The PTEI S2 FT UNY socialization also discussed the Engineer Professional Program Study Program (PSPPI) which offers various areas of expertise in the Faculty of Engineering UNY with a lecture model through the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) carried out for one semester.

This activity was successfully carried out so that it got the attention and enthusiasm of the participants well. This can be seen from the number of registrants and the questions asked by the participants. With this activity, the new study programs in Electronic and Informatics Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, namely the PTEI Masters, RPL (Recognition of Past Learning), and the Professional Engineer Study Program (PSPPI) can be recognized by the general public.