Assessment of Program Learning Outcomes

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Education Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta determines the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) based on government policy, UNY's vision and mission and study programs, also stakeholders' opinion. In general, PLO of the BEEE SP includes aspects of attitude, knowledge, special skills, and general skills which are further described in more detail as follows:

  1. Able to apply ethical values and commit to religions, norms, ethics, and professionalism in engineering field
  2. Able to demonstrate works as individuals and teams to achieve common goals in a multidisciplinary environment
  3. Able to demonstrate social sensitivity and awareness to be able to disseminate ideas to the public and the environment well
  4. Able to demonstrate independent, quality, and scalable performance to provide maximum results
  5. Able to communicate effectively in order to communicate information to stakeholders
  6. Able to analyze and use methods, resources and propper equipment to solve various/complex problems in the field of Electronics Engineering
  7. Able to generate decisions appropriately to provide solutions for problems at work
  8. Able to develop a network of cooperation with stakeholders to improve the quality of Electronics Engineering Education
  9. Able to apply the concept of applied science, principles of engineering, science of engineering required to analyze and design electronics systems
  10. Able to analyze the problems and issues of the latest technology to provide solutions for technological developments
  11. Able to design electronics systems to improve the quality of learning in the expertise field of Electronics Engineering
  12. Able to apply the concept of education, such as: (a) Education Curriculum; (b) Learning and Education Plans; (c) Learning and Education Process; (d) Learning and Education Assessment

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering Education Study Program has successfully conducted a learning process to meet PLO, as shown by the analysis of PLO achievement. The assessment of each PLO is obtained from analyzing the courses that support the PLO. The final results of the analysis for 2020-2022 show PLO achievements ranging from 68% to 97%, which are considered Very Good, as well as shown in the graph in the following figure.