The 2019 Expertise Competency Test in the Electronics and Informatics Engineering Department has completed. Competency Test held with the UNY Professional Certification Institute (LSP UNY). There are two scheme competency tests, including Young Optical Fiber (FO) and Young Administrative Network (Net Admin). The Young FO Scheme is intended for students of the B.Ed.EIE SP, while the Young Net Admin Scheme is for students of the Informatics Engineering Education Study Program.

The Young Net Admin Scheme competency test is conducted for two days on 19-20 December 2019, followed by 19 assessments. There are two assessors assigned from LSP UNY to test this scheme, namely Dr.phil. Rahmatul Irfan and Nuryake Fajaryati, M.Pd. The activity has held at TUK INFORMATIKA UNY (Network Laboratory at IDB Building). Implementation of competency tests includes practice exams and oral examinations. The Young FO Scheme competency test was held on 27 December 2019, followed by 14 assessments. The assessor assigned by LSP UNY to do the test was Dr Eko Marpanaji and Satriyo Agung Dewanto, M.Pd., It was at TUK ELEKTRONIKA UNY (FTTH Laboratory in the LPTK Building). Implementation of competency tests includes practice exams and written exams.

The Head of PTEI Department, Handaru Jati, Ph.D., explained that the implementation of the Competency Test aims to see the results of student competencies after attending the learning process in lectures. By these activities, we expect to equip students to have expertise competency certification when they graduate. In conducting the competency tests, the department is fully responsible in terms of funding by utilizing budget subsidies from the Faculty Fund so that students do not need to pay the cost of competency testing.