Students from Engineering Faculty of UNY, Yuda Pamungkas (Electronics Engineering Education) and Muhammad Solikhin (Automotive Engineering Education) participated in the Short Internship Program at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), Tainan City, Taiwan which lasted for two weeks (04 / 11-16 / 11/2019). During the internship, they were in Mechanical-Mechatronics Engineering and Mechanical-Thermo Fluids, and Energy Laboratory.

Muhammad Solikhin explained that to start the program, there was a kind of orientation through activities in the laboratory with Prof. Nai-Shang Liou as Chairman of STUST Mechanical Engineering, while Prof. Wei-Chin Chang who heads the Future Power Systems and Fuel Cell Laboratory. For Robot and Servo Drive Laboratory under the direction of Prof. Ming-Shyan Wang, and accompanied by Muslikhin as a PhD student at the laboratory who is also a lecturer in UNY's Electronics and Informatics Engineering Education. As for the details of the activities, the students got mechanical materials including future power, microcontroller, sensors, assembling while in the realm of electricity studying BLDC motors, drives and controllers, also discussing research and development related fields such as electric cars. The activities held on Monday until Friday with laboratory discussions. While every Saturday there was a field trip activity around Tainan City to find out more closely the social-culture in Taiwan.

Dr Tawardjono Usman and Bambang Sulistyo, M. Eng., from the Department of Automotive Engineering Education were assessors in the short internship program. Yuda said, "We blend and cooperate in the tasks and challenges given. On Friday (8/11), we followed the presentation on the design of a wind turbine generator with low cogging torque which was designed by Nasir Tan, PhD; a researcher from Jakarta who deliberately came to Tainan City to create a prototype and look for an industrial partner in Taiwan. It was a close sight between academics and industry."

The short internship program itself was a sign of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between UNY-STUST a few months ago. Combining the material with a variety of fun activities such as discussion, study literature, assembling products, and plan development make this activity more memorable. Participants seemed to enjoy each activity and mingle with one another, including Indonesian students who were studying at the campus. Hope this activity will be able to provide an overview of academic and industrial links and matches and attract the interest of Indonesian youth studying in the country of Formosa, another name for Taiwan. (Solikhin / Muslikhin)